Byte Ultra-Small-Form-Factor Embedded Computing Solutions

Ultra-small-form-factor (USFF) rugged embedded edge computers for highly constrained space claims and power budgets for defense and commercial applications in austere environments

Byte-sized form factors. Outsized capabilities.

Flexible and agile, with low profiles and quick-dart abilities, snakes have thrived throughout recorded history in numerous environments and climates by being extremely energy efficient and adaptable.

Systel’s Byte product family of ultra-small-form-factor (USFF) embedded computers provides general-purpose computing and robust IO in a ultra-compact, low power, and low cost systems for defense and commercial deployments and integrations into the most constrained space claims.

Byte systems offer high-efficiency performance and capability in an ultra-compact form factor. The Byte product family is engineered with a standards-based approach, utilizing open architectures and COTS technologies, and is aligned to OSA/MOSA mandates.

Key features include:

  • Intel x86 Atom, Core, and Xeon processing options
  • Ultra-small and rugged
  • Robust IO and expansion options
  • High-insertion rate rugged removable SSDs
  • Extended operating temperatures ranges and MIL-SPEC ruggedness

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  • USFF and SWaP-2C Optimized
  • Fully Rugged and Sealed
  • -40C to +75C Operating Temperature
  • Modular Design

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