We support numerous commercial and industrial customers worldwide with leading-edge rugged and reliable computing solutions, purpose-built for mission success

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Rugged Compute for Uncompromising Missions

Our company has its roots supporting telecommunications and oil and gas customers and we are proud to continue our focus on supporting numerous mission-critical commercial and industrial customers and verticals with rugged and reliable computing solutions. We are your mission partner, acting as an extension of your team.

We offer MIL-SPEC and industrial-grade rugged rackmount and embedded computing products for integration in any environment. All of our products are engineered with a standards-based approach utilizing open architectures and COTS technologies, and purpose-built for mission success.

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Supporting Commercial and Industrial Customers Worldwide Since 1988

Enabling mission success for commercial and industrial applications in the harshest environments with proven rugged and reliable computing solutions

Oil and Gas

Fracturing (Fracking), Wireline Operations, Data Acquisition, Simulation and Modeling, Well Production Monitoring, Oilfield Services, Human Machine Interface (HMI), Pressure Pumping, Subsea/Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

Factory Automation

Manufacturing, Warehouse, and Distribution Automation Services, Inbound and Outbound Handling, Convey and Transport, Case and Piece Picking

Surveying and Maintenance

Pavement and Road Condition Surveys, Railroad Maintenance Services, Rail Inspection, Infrastructure Monitoring

Airborne Law Enforcement (ALE)

Multi-Mission Computers for Police Helicopters, Complete Sensor Ingest, Hosting Advanced Moving Map Software for Real-Time Situational Awareness (SA), High-Bandwidth Networking, Supporting Multiple Onboard Displays, High-Capacity Data Storage, Fully Rugged

Inspection and Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring, Electric Utility and Power Line Inspection and Monitoring, Oil-Slick Monitoring

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Industrial Long-Haul Trucks, Autonomous Commercial Vehicles, Autonomous Heavy Equipment

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5 Considerations When Buying a Rugged Computer

When it comes to working in demanding environments, professionals in defense and commercial industries require robust and reliable computing solutions. Enter rugged computers, purpose-built to withstand extreme conditions and deliver uninterrupted performance. Whether you find yourself navigating challenging terrains or working in demanding environments, we’ve curated a list of 5 considerations that will guide you towards making an informed decision.

MIL-SPEC Rugged vs. Commercial Rugged Computer Hardware: What’s the Best Fit for Your Application?

From extreme weather conditions to high-pressure environments, numerous industries demand computing solutions that can withstand even the harshest situations. Enter rugged computer hardware. But did you know that not all rugged devices are created equal? The two major categories that dominate the market are MIL-SPEC rugged and commercial rugged devices. So, what sets them apart, and which one is right for your needs? Let's dive in.

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A Primer on Video Encoding

Whenever you watch a video – whether it is streamed over a network or downloaded onto a device – the chances are that the original files have been compressed and the file size shrunk to make it more manageable for the bandwidth and storage available to you at the time. This compression is known as video encoding and it is a hugely important process to ensure that video data can be stored and transmitted efficiently, even over constrained networks where bandwidth is limited.

Ruggedized Computer Data Storage 101

Ruggedized storage solutions are critical for defense and industrial applications, giving users the capability to securely store different types of data that is collected during missions and operations. For demanding applications, it is vital that storage solutions are encrypted and expertly ruggedized to ensure that data is not lost or compromised as a result of the adverse and challenging conditions.

What is MIL-STD-810H?

MIL-STD-810 is one of the most well-known mil-spec standards with widespread usage as a benchmark for ensuring high-performance in austere environmental conditions. In this blog, we take a detailed look at the latest revision - MIL-STD-810H - and what is required for equipment to pass this rigorous set of standards.

Obsolescence – How Do We Manage It?

It happens to us all, our electronics eventually reach the point where they must be replaced. But while it’s relatively straightforward to replace our personal devices and computers, it’s a complex challenge for our military and industrial customers, where the same qualified design for aircraft, ground vehicles, oil rigs, or other equipment may be used for decades. So how do we help our customers manage obsolescence?

CPU vs. GPU: The Paradigm Shift

Today’s high-performance military computer systems rely increasingly on the graphics processing unit (GPU) to perform complex tasks.

What Is A Rugged Computer?

If you’re thinking about buying a rugged computer, then you need to have the confidence that it can survive the most extreme conditions and it will still function when it’s needed in critical situations. But what exactly is ruggedization, and what do you need to look out for?

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