Rugged Rackmount Servers

Rugged rackmount server solutions, purpose-built for mission-critical applications in harsh environments. Bleeding edge technologies and robust capabilities. Standards-based and MOSA-aligned modular design and open architectures.

Mission Computing Without Limits

Our portfolio of rugged and reliable rackmount servers are engineered and built for continuous operation in austere environments. Over the past 30+ years, we have delivered thousands of rack computers to defense and commercial enterprises worldwide, and we have hundreds of COTS offerings, each fully configurable to meet mission requirements.

  • Configurable 1U-4U Form Factors
  • Half-Rack Width and Short Depth Options
  • Non-Standard Custom Layouts Available
  • Front Accessible I/O Options
  • Industrial to Fully Rugged/Sealed
  • Maximum Parallel Processing CPU/GPU
  • Large Bandwidth Ethernet Networking
  • Secure High-Density/High-Capacity Storage
  • Robust I/O Expansion Capabilities and Rich Upgrade Path
  • Advanced Thermal Management
  • SWaP-C Optimized
  • COTS, MCOTS, and custom solutions
  • Standards-based and MOSA-aligned modular design and open architectures.

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Product Family

All-Purpose Servers

  • Configurable 1U-4U solutions
  • Standards-based, MOSA-aligned COTS technologies with numerous system architectures, compute, and expansion options
  • Thousands of systems deployed and supported. Production-ready COTS/MCOTS
Product Family

Space Saver Servers

  • Small footprint, low-SWaP solutions
  • Half-rack width and short depth options 1U-4U form factors
  • High density compute, networking, and storage
  • Standards-based, MOSA-aligned COTS technologies
Product Family

High Performance Computing Servers

  • High-performance computing (HPC) with options for multiple latest-gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and multiple latest-gen NVIDIA® GPUs
  • Single LRU hyperconvergence design methodology to process and accelerate large heterogeneous AI/ML workloads
  • Complete sensor integration and data fusion. High speed, low latency video
  • Maximum performance in minimum SWaP 
  • Standards-based, MOSA-aligned COTS technologies
Product Family

High Density Storage Servers

  • Maximum drive density and capacity 1U-4U form factors
  • Bare drive and canister accessible/removable options
  • Shock isolated backplanes with management controllers
  • Redundant, hot-swappable drives
  • Standards-based, MOSA-aligned COTS technologies

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