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At Systel, we don’t sell products, we deliver solutions, engineering and manufacturing purpose-built rugged computing solutions for mission critical defense and commercial applications in austere environments.

Rugged Compute for Uncompromising Missions

Rugged compute is not about a standalone system, device, or technology. It’s artificial intelligence making targeting more precise and missions more secure. It’s embedded navigation gathering greater intelligence, more efficiently. It’s the connection delivering information superiority to the warfighter. At Systel, we solve problems differently because we see problems differently. With more than 30 years of experience and with thousands of successful deployments, we do more than just deliver to specs; we create rugged computing solutions that elevate mission capability and power decisive advantages. Because at Systel, it’s not about what’s minimally acceptable; it’s about what’s maximally effective.

  • We work with a problem-solving mindset to provide the best solution for mission need.
  • Built on open architectures, our products are engineered for maximum capability and resiliency.
  • We design and manufacture our products to meet the harshest environmental standards for mission success in austere environments.


Serving defense and commercial markets globally since 1988.


Whether for air, land, sea, or multi-domain operations, we offer tailored and proven solutions to meet your mission profile and exacting specifications.

Key Applications

From the battlefield to the metropolis and everywhere in between, we support and help enable critical applications across numerous sectors.

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