Custom Solutions

Can’t find what you need? Contact us to discuss your requirements / specifications and we’ll work with you on a ground-up custom solution to meet your exact needs.

Ground-Up Designs Tailored to Your Exact Requirements

We’ve been designing and manufacturing custom solutions for 30+ years. It’s in our DNA! Our business isn’t charging outrageous NRE costs, it’s designing products and delivering solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to take on ground-up design projects and deliver reliable solutions to requirements and on time.

Most of our COTS product offerings started life as a custom solution for a specific customer. We can easily modify or configure an existing product to meet your specifications and requirements or do a clean-sheet ground-up new design. Let’s discuss your mission requirements today!

Below, you can find some examples of our recent custom work.* 

*Due to NDAs, we cannot  provide specific information on customers or programs associated with these products.

Small form factor, high-speed and secure NAS embedded computer

  • Use Case: US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and US Air Force (USAF) high-speed NAS onboard various fixed-wing aircraft 
  • Dual 10GbE fiber
  • Dual removable high-capacity SSDs, FIPS 140-2
  • SWaP-optimized
  • MIL-SPEC rugged and fully sealed,  with extended operating temp
  • Tested and deployed for program of record (POR)

EW/SIGINT embedded computer for portable transit case

  • Use Case: US Marine Corps (USMC) mobile transit case mission computer for EW/SIGINT operations
  • Highly custom SWaP-optimized form factor
  • High performance and latest gen Intel Xeon CPU and NVIDIA GPU
  • 25GbE networking
  • MIL-SPEC rugged design

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