Fully Rugged Workstation-Class Multi-Mission Embedded Systems

Single LRU Mission Computers

The Hawk-Strike® product line provides workstation-class performance, high-bandwidth networking, high-capacity storage, and robust IO and expansion to support the most demanding mission requirement sets.

Hawk-Strike® systems are fully rugged with advanced thermal management for deployment and integration in any environment. The Hawk-Strike® product line is engineered with a standards-based approach utilizing open architectures and COTS technologies, and is aligned to OSA/MOSA mandates.

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Hawk-Strike IV

Fully rugged, immense expansion, passively cooled

  • Workstation-class performance
  • Single LRU multi-mission system
  • Numerous configuration and expansion options
  • -40C to +60C operating temp (configuration dependent) passively cooled | MIL-STD and DO-160 rugged | Fully sealed

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