Media CoverageSeptember 1, 2017

Videocentric ISR Missions Push Rugged Computing to the Limits

September 1, 2017

Military Embedded Systems

ISR missions are bringing in all kinds of actionable data, but not without pushing the high-power/high-performance servers to the limit.

Performance means that the server needs to be able to handle video processing, data processing, storage, even live video streaming, all of which needs to be in a small package.

Systel’s EB7001 is the ideal rugged embedded computing solution for high performance, SWaP-optimized ISR applications.

With increased demand for more “eyes in the sky” to gather intelligence, video is playing a much more vital role and will continue to do so going forward. There is a push towards everything to be very videocentric. This leads to managing increased data volume, bandwidth issues, and the challenge of being able to accurately and consistently stream live video feeds from various platforms in the battlefield to command and control headquarters to then be able to make real-time decisions.