Media CoverageSeptember 6, 2018

Systel Partners with Holmwood Highgate

September 6, 2018

Shephard Media

Systel has partnered with Queensland-based Holmwood Highgate to support Australian military requirements with next-generation rugged computing solutions, the company announced on 4 September.

Holmwood Highgate is a manufacturer of bulk liquid storage and transportation systems for fuel and water. Systel is a manufacturer of rugged embedded, server and display computer products and solutions.

Wade Mellish, group executive director, Holmwood Highgate, said: ‘Creating a world leading product for LAND 121 3B encouraged us to go down this path.

‘We had been searching for some time to find a capability that we could bring to the Australian market that is relatively unique and can provide great value to a broad range of industries – Systel’s rugged computer systems ticks all of those boxes.’